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Couple goes viral when fiancé proposes with 5 engagement rings

The over-the-top proposal in Atlanta, preceded by a helicopter ride, garnered the attention of thousands on social media.
William Hunn gave his future bride five different ring options when he proposed to her last week.
William Hunn gave his future bride five different ring options when he proposed to her last week.James D. Love

An Atlanta couple went viral last week with their five ring proposal on a helipad.

William Hunn and Brittney Miller's special day began with what was supposed to be an Easter weekend outing to a wine tasting, but bride-to-be Miller told NBC News that she quickly knew that their plans for the day had changed.

Shortly thereafter, the couple arrived at an airport where Hunn surprised Miller with a helicopter ride over their home city of Atlanta. But upon their landing, Miller still had no idea what was in store.

On the helicopter pad, the couple was greeted by a few close friends as well as a photographer and videographer to capture the moment when Hunn would pop the question. An emotional Miller can be seen in a video shared on Instagram crying tears of joy, as a friend passes the display of five engagement rings to Hunn, now down on one knee.

"When I saw them come up to the rooftop, my heart just dropped ... all I could think was, 'Oh my gosh, it's about to happen, it's about to happen,'" Miller said.

Hunn can be heard in the video saying, "You can try all five or pick one."

Miller said it wasn't an easy choice. Stunned at her options, she says she hesitated for a moment before going with a rectangular-cut diamond ring, her favorite out of the five.

Miller had picked each ring weeks prior when the couple went ring shopping together, but she was shocked to be presented with all five of her favorites. But the ring she picked as "the one" was a custom design that Hunn had secretly recorded himself with as part of a video prank. For 30 days, he would show the ring to the camera while Miller's back was turned in various locations leading up to the big day.

"If he had just had our family come from out of state to meet for the first time, and surprised me with one ring, I would have been just as happy," Miller said. "But he wanted to make it very very unique and special, and he did that."

The two capped off the day with a surprise engagement celebration with family members, parents, grandparents and siblings from both sides — some meeting for the first time — who traveled from different parts of the country, Miller said.

The couple has been dating just shy of a year, but Miller says "you can't put a time on love." The two met 10 years ago at Clarke Atlanta University, a Historically Black College and University, or HBCU, located in Atlanta. Miller says the two have been good friends for all 10 of those years.

In no rush to make a wedding happen right away, the couple will likely wait at least a year before tying the knot, Miller told NBC News.

Miller says she is grateful for all of the support she has gotten, even from strangers on social media after the proposal gained internet fame. "We need more of that, just all around support, no matter what," she said.