Deadly Storms Move East From Texas, Raising Worries in Southeast

Atlanta Business Owner on Flood Damage: 'Water Started Coming in the Front Door' 0:34

Deadly storms that dumped record rainfall and spawned tornadoes in Texas moved east Monday, bringing the thread of floods and twisters to Alabama, Georgia, the Florida panhandle and the Carolinas.

The worst of the weather could deliver up to two inches of rain per hour, the National Weather Service reported. A tornado watch for central and southern Georgia expired at 7 p.m. ET.

Flooding has already hit parts of Georgia and the Carolinas, The Weather Channel reported.

Winds, Flooding Pummel Houston Area 1:12

That included Atlanta area, where residents who live near Peachtree Creek in the Buckhead neighborhood woke up to submerged cars and flooded buildings.

Paul Rodgers, owner of IQ Fitness, said that when he checked the news Monday morning, he learned that a flood warning for the area had been canceled. "So I figured they were good to go," Rodgers told NBC News. "About 9:30, the water started coming in the front door."

By afternoon, several inches of water flooded his business. Rodgers said he would reopen later this week.

Mike Stoner gets out of his flooded car Friday in San Marcos, Texas. Rodolfo Gonzalez / Austin American-Statesman via AP

The storm system is the same that swept across Texas last week, killing a reported six people in a region that was recovering from the effects of Hurricane Patricia. Among the hardest hit was the Houston area, where streets, homes and businesses were inundated and two people were discovered dead, according to The Associated Press. More bodies were found in the Austin area

Two tornadoes touched down in Louisiana on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service.

Winds, Flooding Pummel Houston Area 1:12