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Deflate-Gate: Tom Brady's Agent Blasts NFL-Commissioned Report on Patriots

He says investigators reached a conclusion first and “determined so-called facts later.”

Tom Brady’s agent said Thursday that the NFL-commissioned report on Deflate-Gate is “a significant and terrible disappointment” written by people who don’t understand football.

The agent, Don Yee, suggested that the investigators reached a conclusion first and “determined so-called facts later.”

The report — four months in the making and more than 200 pages long — found that Patriots personnel probably deflated footballs on purpose and that Brady probably knew about it.

Brady has not spoken publicly since the report was released on Wednesday.

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Yee suggested a conflict of interest because the league is a big client of the law firm that compiled the report. He called on the investigators to release their full interview with Brady, and he said the NFL did not understand the full context and culture of the sport.

“It was clear to me the investigators had limited understanding of professional football,” Yee said.

Yee also questioned the ethics of the league. The Colts tipped the NFL to concerns about ball pressure before the AFC championship game, according to the report, and Yee said that league officials should have notified the Patriots.

“This report contains significant and tragic flaws, and it is common knowledge in the legal industry that reports like this generally are written for the benefit of the purchaser,” Yee said.


— Erin McClam