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Dog missing for 5 days discovered alive inside walls of Cincinnati home

Fire crews used a sledgehammer to break down a wall and rescue the trapped dog.

An Ohio dog that had been missing for five days was finally rescued after she was found trapped inside the walls of a home, according to the Cincinnati Fire Department.

Gertie the dog had been missing for nearly a week before the fire department received a call on Sunday from a homeowner who heard her crying behind the wall of a garage, CFD said in a Facebook post. The dog was stuck and impossible to reach, so crews used a sledgehammer to break down the wall and get Gertie out.

The firefighters who rescued Gertie believe she fell down a crevice and became trapped between the two walls, according to NBC Cincinnati affiliate WLWT.

"This run ended in a happy reunion and a job well done by Truck 20," the Facebook post said.

In the video, one fire fighter can be seen using the sledgehammer to cautiously break through the wall one brick at a time until she was able to make contact with the dog.

After the fire fighter called out to the trapped dog, Gertie can be seen poking her head through the small opening before making her way out of the wall with the help of the fire crew.

Fire fighter Jenny Atkins pulled Gertie to safety and the dog has since been happily reunited with her owners, according to WLWT.