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Dog named Molly shoots an Oklahoma woman who was in the car

Tina Springer, 44, underwent surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

An Oklahoma woman was accidentally shot in the leg by a puppy after the dog became frightened by a passing train and stepped on a gun in the car.

Brent Parks, 79, told police that he was in his car Oct. 3, with Tina Springer in the front passenger seat and Molly, his yellow labrador, in the back seat. Parks said a loaded .22 caliber handgun was in the center console of the car, according to NBC affiliate KFOR in Oklahoma City.

When they stopped at a railroad crossing to let a train pass, the 7-month-old dog became spooked and jumped from the back seat onto the console accidentally causing the gun to discharge. The bullet hit Springer in her left thigh above the knee.

In a 911 call obtained by the outlet, Parks tells the operator that Springer is "bleeding pretty bad" and they need help. To stop the bleeding, the dispatcher tells Parks to take his belt off and tie it around Springer's leg above the wound.

Springer, 44, screamed for help several times and said she did not feel well.

Springer was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery. She's expected to be fine, according to KFOR, and Molly is back home with Parks.

Police told the outlet they found three shell casings in the vehicle, and they are not clear if they all came from that incident.