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Off-duty NYPD officer arrested after pointing gun at karaoke bar waitress

Officer Hyun Kim and a sergeant who was with him have both been suspended from the New York Police Department.

An off-duty New York City Police Department officer was arrested and suspended after pointing his gun at a karaoke bar waitress in Queens last week.

Officer Hyun Kim, 25, was at the karaoke bar in Flushing with a sergeant when a waitress noticed his gun and asked him if he was in a gang, law enforcement sources told NBC New York. In the midst of answering that he was a police officer, Kim pulled out his gun and pointed it at the waitress.

The magazine of the gun fell out and the bullets hit the floor, the sources said. Shortly after, Kim and the sergeant left the bar.

Kim, who was off-duty at the time of the incident, and the sergeant, who has not been identified, have both been suspended. Kim was charged with two counts of menacing.