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Erin Andrews Trial Delayed as Witness Accused of Watching Nude Video

Neal Peskind acknowledged that he was at a restaurant with friends who started watching secretly recorded footage of Andrews naked in her hotel room.

A civil trial connected to the stalking of sportscaster Erin Andrews was briefly put on hold Wednesday when a witness was accused of watching a secretly recorded nude video of her.

The witness, Neal Peskind, acknowledged that he was at a restaurant Tuesday night with friends who started watching the video at the center of the case: secretly recorded footage of Andrews naked in her room at the Marriott at Vanderbilt in Nashville, Tennessee. He said he asked them to stop but "it was not as quickly as I had hoped."

But the episode was brought to light by other people at the restaurant, including a waitress who posted on Twitter about it, claiming that Peskind and his friends made fun of Andrew's body.

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Peskind is a representative of the corporation that owns the hotel, which Andrews is suing, along with convicted stalker, Michael David Barrett, for $75 million.

Peskind testified Monday, a day before Andrews took the stand and tearfully recalled how the video, leaked to the Internet, had traumatized her.

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Andrews, now a Fox Sports host, was working for ESPN when she checked in to the Nashville hotel in September 2008 to help cover a college football game.

Andrews blames the hotel for allowing the secret taping to happen. The hotel and its parent company argues that Barrett — who spent more than two years in prison for shooting nude videos of her in Nashville and Columbia, Ohio — is solely to blame.