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Escaped Inmate Leaves Behind Apology Note

A Maine inmate who escaped from a minimum security facility left behind an apology note. Police are now launching an investigation to find the inmate.
Tyler Malmstrom
Tyler MalmstromWaldo County Jail

A Maine inmate made his escape from a correctional facility Thursday — but not before leaving an apology note behind. Tyler Malmstrom, 23, ran from the Maine Coastal Regional Re-entry Center around 9:00 p.m., where he would have served out the last five months of his sentence, according to Scott Story, County of Waldo Sheriff. Malmstrom had recently been transferred from nearby Knox County to the re-entry center, a minimum security facility that works to help inmates transition after they complete their sentence, Story said. The inmate was serving a sentence following a conviction for an aggravated assault charge.

In his note, Malmstrom directed apologies to the staff in Waldo and Knox counties, as well as his family, Story said. The sheriff added that the 23-year-old expressed that he knew people were trying to help him, but that the escape was “something he had to do.” Story said that a team of investigators from the two counties are treating the incident like an escapee, despite it being just a walk-off, and they will follow all leads, including any ties to Malmstrom’s friends and family. Malmstrom will also face an extended sentence upon his capture.

Tyler MalmstromWaldo County Jail

— Jacob Passy