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Fake FedEx worker ties up Brooklyn family, steals more than $100K in cash, jewelry

Home security footage showed a man in a purple FedEx uniform and his accomplice entering the family's home and tying them up.

A man who impersonated a FedEx delivery man tied up a Brooklyn family and stole about $100,000 worth of goods Monday with the help of an accomplice.

The New York City Police Department did not release the family's identity but said that a 36-year-old woman and her elderly parents were tied up while the two men stole cash and jewelry from the home.

Home security footage showed the man in a purple FedEx uniform knock on the door with a package in his hand and enter the home, followed by a man in a blue shirt.

The man in the blue shirt can be seen pushing what seemed to be a safe over to the family on the couch. The woman appears to open the container and then the fake FedEx worker taped her parents' hands and mouths.

As soon as the locked safe was opened, the man in the blue shirt wheeled it away from the camera's view and the younger woman was also tied up.

FedEx said in a statement to NBC News that the incident is "deeply disturbing" and that the company is working with law enforcement.

"FedEx couriers and service providers wear company-issued photo ID badges at all times," the company added.