Fargo Officer Jason Moszer Shot During Standoff, Not Expected to Survive

A police officer was shot in a standoff over a domestic disturbance and is not expected to survive his wounds, authorities in North Dakota said early Thursday.

The Fargo Police Department said the situation unfolded Wednesday evening when the suspect's son called police to report a domestic disturbance involving a gun. The suspect had allegedly shot at his wife, who along with her son managed to escape, police added.

"SWAT arrived and attempted to negotiate with the individual," Deputy Chief Joe Anderson told NBC News. "The suspect fired multiple rounds out of the house."

Officer Jason Moszer was shot when the suspect opened fire, according to Anderson. He said Moszer was currently on life support but had suffered "non-life-sustaining" injuries.

Moszer, 33, has been with the Fargo Police Department for six years and is married with two step-children.

While Anderson described the situation as "ongoing" after nine hours, he noted that there had been no contact with the suspect for "some time."

The suspect is believed to have access to several weapons and police have evacuated adjacent homes as a precaution, Anderson added.

Police did not identify the suspect or his son.