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FedEx Shooter Left Few Clues For Workplace Rampage

Geddy Kramer, 19, didn't appear to have a Facebook or Twitter account. Police are still trying to determine a motive for the workplace rampage.

Authorities hoping to piece together a motive for why a Georgia teenager opened fire on his co-workers at a FedEx warehouse may not find many digital clues.

Gunman Geddy Kramer, a package handler found dead in an apparent suicide after Tuesday morning's rampage, reportedly had no Facebook page or Twitter account — outlets where the 19-year-old might have hinted about violence.

In addition, he didn’t make much of an impression at North Cobb High School, where he only appeared once in his senior yearbook, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Yearbook photo of Geddy Kramer. Police say Kramer, 19, shot six people at a facility in Kennesaw, Ga., before killing himself on Tuesday.via

Police say Kramer wounded six people with a shot gun as he stalked the FedEx facility in Kennesaw, north of Atlanta. He also was armed with explosives, a knife and bullets strapped to his chest “like Rambo,” witnesses said.

Three of the shooting victims have been released. Two remained in stable condition and one remained in critical condition on Wednesday.

The worst-off was identified as 28-year-old security guard Christopher Sparkman, an Army veteran who was still clinging to life on a respirator, according to his church, West Ridge Church in Dallas, Ga.

Cobb County police said they were continuing to interview witnesses. Co-workers described Kramer as “quiet” and appeared visibly upset last Friday.

Friends of Kramer knew he was having problems at work, which may have pushed him over the edge, they said.

“Just how they treated him at work — the management always complaining for him to do even more than what he was expected and him not getting paid enough,” a friend and co-worker told NBC affiliate WXIA-TV.

Another friend said Kramer seemed bothered lately, but never imagined he was capable of such violence.

“I know he seemed a little depressed and I would talk to him about it, but he’s not very open,” Bryanna Cunningham told WXIA. “But when I did talk about it, he’d … cut me off.”

— Erik Ortiz