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Feisty Indiana Senior Fights Off Pistol-Packing Carjackers

Kay Kise, 67, slapped the gun out of her face and told her assailants they were not getting her van.

A trio of carjackers thought 67-year-old Kay Kise would be an easy mark, but the feisty grandmother wouldn't give up her van without a fight.

The Indiana senior citizen refused to back down in the face of pistol-packing brutes, slapping away the gun they pointed in her face.

The confrontation left her with serious injuries: a swollen eye, broken bones in her face and bleeding on the brain. But Kise told NBC station WTHR she is just happy the suspects didn't get her wheels.

It happened Sunday night when Kise, returning from a Christmas shopping excursion, parked in front of her Indianapolis house.

The assailants approached and one whipped out a silver gun, shoved it in her face and demanded the keys to her van.

"I said. 'You're not getting the keys to my car,'" Kise recalled.

"He said, 'I said give me the keys'...and I hit that gun out of my face and I said, 'You're not taking my car. I haven't had it that long. You're not getting it.'"

The robbers pistol-whipped the senior citizen, whose cries caught the attention of a young neighbor who rushed to help — sending the suspects fleeing.

"I don’t hurt nobody," Kise said afterward. "I don’t understand why children hurt me."