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Firefighters document the dramatic rescue of a puppy trapped in a drain in Texas

It took an hour of very delicate rope work to lasso the pooch and bring it to safety

Firefighters in southeast Texas lassoed and rescued a wayward puppy that had become trapped in a sewer pipe on Friday, authorities said.

The hour-long animal emergency operation unfolded in Atascocita, about 25 miles outside of downtown Houston, where the pooch fell down the exposed pipe, officials said.

The line ran about seven feet deep before it curved, stopping the puppy's fall and allowing firefighters the chance to painstakingly wrap rope around it, Battalion Chief Vincent Rodriguez told NBC News.

"It was a very small puppy and it was very scared," said Rodriguez. "We were getting a little worried for a while, but those guys (firefighters) remained calm and got the job done."

Firefighter Keith Sagray "lassoed" the pup, Rodriguez said, while Jennifer Hannon shined a light down the long, six-inch-wide pipe and rookie Colin Kuykendahl handed out all the tools during his first day on the job.

The department live tweeted the operation, commenting "so close" during near misses before finally declaring: "PUPPY RESCUED!!!"

Firefighters told the relieved puppy owners to place chicken wire over the hole, and then call the city to have the opening permanently filled.