Firefighters Rescue Puppy Trapped in Sewer Drain

Firefighters Rescue Stuck Pup 2:07

This puppy had one ruff day.

Firefighters went to extreme lengths to save a 3-month old Yorkiepoo that had fallen and gotten trapped inside a sewage drain in Buffalo, New York, on Wednesday, according to NBC affiliate WGRZ.

Bailey, the pup, fell six feet into an open sewer drain Wednesday afternoon while on a walk with his owner's father, Ed Sayles.

Ed and his wife Penny Sayles were dog sitting for their daughter and her family.

Firefighters in Buffalo, New York go to extremes to rescue tiny puppy trapped in sewer drain. WGRZ's Maryalice Demler reports. NBC News

"They’re vacationing right now in Texas," Penny Sayles told WGRZ. "I’m dog sitting and I’m responsible."

The Sayles family called the Buffalo Fire Department who tried a variety of techniques to save Bailey. Firefighters tried coaxing, doggy treats, and even a powerful suction vacuum, but to no avail, according to WGRZ.

The rescue team then brought out an excavator, creating a hole large enough for firefighters to finally reach Bailey. The puppy was given oxygen and and was in good condition.

Buffalo Firefighter Joe Colligan, who pulled Bailey out from the ground, said he was just happy the pup made it out alive.

"Just to touch him and know he was alive, that's all that matters," he told WGRZ.