First-Grader Pricked by Needle Hidden in Teddy Bear: Nevada Cops

A first-grader was taken to an emergency room Wednesday after being pricked by a methamphetamine-tainted needle hidden inside a teddy bear, Nevada police said.

The seven-year-old boy found the toy animal in a trash can outside the Mark Twain Elementary School in Carson City, Sheriff Ken Furlong said in a statement.

Image: The teddy bear contained five syringes, police said.
The teddy bear contained five syringes, police said. Handout / Carson City Police

“Deputies arrived at the scene, retrieved the teddy bear and secured five hypodermic syringes that had been hidden inside the bear,” Furlong said. “Presumptive tests on the syringes gave a positive indication for methamphetamine. Further testing for communicable deceases is being performed.”

The boy's parents and grandparents were contacted and family members "elected to self-transport the victim to an area emergency room for treatment,” he added.

School officials explained that the trash can was located in a playground area that is shared with the Carson City Parks and Recreation Department for activities. “As a result, the area is routinely exposed to public activities and uses,” Furlong said.

Other items, including alcohol containers, were found and passed on to officers, according to NBC affiliate KRNV.