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Five Kids Hurt After Bounce House Goes Airborne at Church Carnival

"It just took off like a kite into the sky," said witness Alyssa Wentzel. "All I could do was yell and pray 'God, please keep those kids inside!'"

Five children were injured after a gust of wind blew a bouncy house into the air at a church carnival in Greenville, SC.

"It looked like a mini-tornado," said Fire Chief Ricky Reed, who described the scene Saturday at Springwell Church's annual Spring Carnival as "chaotic."

Four of the wounded children were taken to the hospital and two of those suffered serious injuries after falling out of the bounce house while it was airborne, police said. An unoccupied inflatable slide also flew into the air, bringing down two power lines and blowing 25 feet into a nearby road.

Greenville resident Alyssa Wentzel saw the accident play out while standing on line for the bounce house with her 8-year-old son.

"It just took off like a kite into the sky," Wentzel told NBC News. "All I could do was yell and pray 'God, please keep those kids inside!' Thank God no one died, no one fell out, it was a miracle, it could’ve been much worse. My son is still shaken from it.”

Wentzel said her husband ran to the bouncy house and saw one little girl bleeding from her nose.

"The last we had heard about that child was that she was in surgery to put pins in her arms," she said.

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Witness Brandon Robinson live-streamed his thoughts on Facebook after the accident asking those watching to pray for the injured children.

"Hey folks, I just saw the weirdest thing that I've ever seen in my entire life," Robinson begins. "There's some kids that are in pain right now that need prayer.

"I don’t know who they are, but He does, um, and just pray for them," Robinson added before reciting a prayer.

The Greenville County Sheriff's Office said no charges were expected to be filed.

In a statement posted on Springwell Church’s Facebook page, the church said, “We are saddened for those who were injured during the unfortunate accident today. We join their families, in prayer, for their full recovery."