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Flames shoot from ice-encrusted Chicago warehouse as blaze reignites

A massive warehouse blaze that Chicago firefighters battled through the night Tuesday flared back to life Thursday morning.

Chicago fire department officials called the flare-up in the abandoned building -- which was encased in ice due to freezing temperatures -- a “significant rekindle,” reported.

Smoke could be seen pouring from the gutted building and flames shot through the frozen roof.

On Wednesday, Department Fire Commissioner John McNicholas warned that the blaze, which firefighters fought as cakes of ice formed on their uniforms, could reignite.

“We know that we still have buried debris that’s burning,” McNicholas said, according to “That hose lines are not capable of getting at it.”

Icicles cover smoky remains of massive Chicago blaze

Firefighters deployed a high-powered “deluge unit” to douse the raging flames on Tuesday night.

“It looked like hell was on the next block,” neighbor Jaime Lamus told of the five-alarm fire that drew out more than 200 of the Windy City’s firefighters – a third of the department’s total force.

“I couldn’t believe it,” area resident Jesse Macias said of the fire. “It looked like the sun was out, that’s how bright it was. Very orange bright. It was scary, but I’m glad the fire department did their job.

Ice forms as firefighters battle Chicago's worst blaze 'in many years'

One firefighter sustained a minor injury during the initial fight to bring the fire under control. It remained unclear on Thursday what caused the fire to break out in the first place.

NBC News’ Dara Brown and contributed to this report.