Florida Baby Found Overheated in Abandoned Stolen Car

Baby Found In Stolen Car

Aug. 6, 201501:49

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By Kathryn Robinson

An 11-month-old Florida baby was rescued in the nick of time and reunited with his family Wednesday after police say they found him in a stolen car that had been sitting in the hot sun for over an hour.

Concerned father Marc Philistin told NBC affiliate WESH that he put baby Darwin in the car then ran back into a family member's home to grab water.

"I guess somebody was watching me the whole time," Marc said.

That's when, police said, the car disappeared with the toddler inside for an hour and a half before deputies spotted the car a mile away.

When Orange County Sheriff's Office Corporal Tim Nazzaro pulled into an apartment complex, he spotted the car.

"And when I looked in through the tint and see the baby seat in the back and there are still legs in the back seat," Nazzaro said. "I know the kid is in the back seat and the car is getting hotter."

Deputies broke the car window with a bolt cutter to reach baby Darwin.

"We hit the jackpot, just in time," Jane Watrel, a spokeswoman for the Orange County Sheriff's Office told WESH.

Emergency crews doused the hot toddler with water and rushed him to the hospital, authorities said.

"We were trying to cool the kid down," Nazzaro said. "We were getting bottles from our own cars, deputies running up with coolers, residents from (the) apartment complex coming down with buckets of water."

Nazzaro told WESH the baby was hot to the touch, his color was awful and he wasn't making any noise.

"It's tears of joy," cousin Kimberly Charles said. "We are crying joys."

Police told WESH the car thief has not been found or identified. The possible suspicious person was seen running from the car wearing a red shirt.