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Florida man arrested in beating death of peeping Tom

Victor Vickery had been in bed with his girlfriend when they heard a man with a history of peeping at their window.

A Florida man was arrested last week in the 2018 beating death of a peeping Tom whom he caught watching him and his girlfriend in bed, court documents show.

Victor Vickery, 30, was taken into custody Thursday on manslaughter charges in the 2018 killing of Asaad Akar, according to the documents.

The documents say that Vickery and his girlfriend, Samantha Hobi, were in bed at her Fort Lauderdale home on the night of July 2 when they heard a noise at the window. Vickery ran outside naked and found Akar with his genitals exposed.

Image: Victor Vickery.
Victor Vickery.Broward County Sheriff's Office

When officers arrived at Hobi’s home on the night of the incident, the documents say, they found Vickery covered in blood and icing his foot. He told officers that it was swollen from kicking Akar in the head, the documents say.

Vickery told authorities he’d chased the man down and held him until police arrived. He added that Akar had looked in Hobi’s window before, but police hadn’t gotten there in time to arrest him.

The officer investigating the case wrote that he found evidence confirming Akar’s history of peeping at different addresses in the neighborhood. Akar had a history of arrests for the crime, the officer said.

Akar was taken to a local hospital where he died overnight, the documents say.

Vickery’s girlfriend initially told police that she also ran outside and saw Akar on top of Vickery and choking him, the documents say. So she hit Akar with a shovel and called 911 while the men traded punches.

On July 23, Hobi told authorities that Vickery had told her to lie to police, the documents say. She didn’t see Akar touch Vickery at all, nor did she use a shovel.

The Sun-Sentinal newspaper reported that Hobi has twice been granted restraining orders against Vickery, who at the time of Akar’s death was out on bond after being arrested in a felony sex crimes case.

It wasn’t immediately clear if Vickery has a lawyer. He couldn’t be reached for comment.