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Florida police: Man posing as doctor gave silicone injections, sealed with Krazy Glue

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man is facing charges of unlicensed practice of health care causing serious bodily harm after he injected silicone into at least two patients' buttocks at a motel room, according to a Palm Beach Sheriff's Office arrest report obtained Wednesday.

Calvin Edward Butler, 44, also known as Tamieka Butler, performed the injections at El Patio Motel dating back to June 2012, the report said.

The first alleged victim, a woman, told detectives in December that she received injections from Butler at the motel four times between September and October, the report said.


The victim said she would disrobe from the waist down and Butler would use a felt tip pen to mark areas on her buttocks where Butler felt she "needed fullness," according to the report.

With the victim lying down, Butler would pour out a clear liquid from a Pedialyte bottle, telling the woman it was sterile silicone, the report said. After pouring the liquid into a plastic cup, he filled syringes from the cup which he used to inject into the woman's buttocks, the report said.

Once the injections were complete, Butler would clean any blood or fluid from the skin and use Krazy Glue on the incisions, the report said. The woman was charged $200 per injection session.

Butler first told the woman he received the silicone from a nurse at Florida Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, then told her he bought it from a woman named Debra who is well known for silicone injections in the Miami area, the report said.

After the woman's last injection procedure, she began to feel painful nodules at the injection sites and she contacted Butler. Butler told her to take warm baths and massage the nodules and the symptoms would subside, the report said.

But the woman soon began to suffer from several open and oozing wounds, fevers and swollen lymph nodes, and went to the emergency room at JFK Hospital in Atlantis for treatment, the report said.

The woman was given antibiotics and discharged but was later readmitted with Lymphadentitis, a swelling of the lymph nodes due to bacterial infection. She still hasn't fully recovered, suffers from chronic pain and a chronic cough, and is now disfigured, the report said.

She also had been breast feeding when the infection occurred but her baby daughter hasn't suffered any health complications, the report said.

The second victim, a man, said he had received weekly injections from Butler between June and October 2012 at the motel, the report said. The injections were administered in the same manner as the woman, though Butler charged only $100 per session, giving a discount price since they were old friends, the report said.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Butler told the man he had several strippers as patients who were charged $400 per visit, the report said.

When the man began developing open sores at the injection sites and contacted Butler, Butler told him to toughen up and gave him oral antibiotics, the report said.

The sores increased in size and the man was admitted to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center in November with a severe infection. Doctors performed surgery on the man's buttocks and found cultures with MRSA and other bacteria infections, the report said.

As the man was recovering at the hospital, Butler paid him an unannounced visit in December, arriving dressed as a woman with a wig and fur coat and several large pieces of jewelry, the report said.

When the man asked Butler what he was doing there, Butler responded, You need to remember who the bi--- in charge is," the report said. Butler also said he was angry the man has sought medical attention, the report said.

Butler was being held on $15,000 bond Wednesday, and it was unknown whether he has an attorney.

The incident is just the latest in a series of arrests in South Florida for illegal buttocks injections. Just last month, a Hialeah couple was arrested after police say they performed a botched buttocks-enhancing procedure on a woman.

In 2011, a Miami Gardens woman, Oneal Ron Morris, was arrested for allegedly injecting patients with cement, Fix-a-Flat and other substances in their buttocks.