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Florida School Board Member Wants Dress Code for Parents

The school official said she sees parents come to schools in hair curlers, pajamas and saggy pants.

Saggy pants, short shorts. The attire around one Florida school district has prompted a school board member to call for a stricter dress code — for parents.

Broward County Public School Board member Dr. Rosalind Osgood said she has seen too many parents visit the district's schools in pajamas, hair curlers and drooping drawers.

“There’s a dress for inside the house and there’s a dress for outside the house," Osgood said.

“If we’re going to address student conduct, we have to lead by example as adults,” she said at a recent baord meeting in Fort Lauderdale.

She told MSNBC’s News Nation on Friday she wants parents to consider their garb before they show up at school.

“What I’m trying to do is create a culture where as adults, we think about our behavior," Osgood said. “We have to understand that everything we do has an impact on children.”

Not everyone is on board. While Broward County school board has no plans to pen an official dress code for parents, district spokeswoman Tracy Clark told NBC News, the idea of school officials mandating or even recommending what parents can or cannot wear to school has sparked backlash.

Eve Vawter, editor-in-chief of parenting blog, responded with a post dismissing the notion.

“It seems a bit nitpicky the school board wants to dictate what parents can and can't wear, especially considering a lot of times parents are contacted to pick up their child or come to the school on an immediate basis,” Vawter told NBC News.

“If young dads are involved in their kid's education and are going to the school for whatever reason, let's not shoo them off for what they are wearing.”

— Elisha Fieldstadt
Image: Dr. Rosalind Osgood
Dr. Rosalind Osgood speaking on MSNBC about the clothes parents wear when visiting schools.MSNBC