Florida Sinkholes Threaten Homes, Cars in Mobile Home Park

Second Florida Sinkhole Threatens Neighborhood 1:32

A pair of sinkholes have opened up in a Florida mobile home park, forcing families to evacuate amid fears a third hole could gobble up homes. The first hole formed Monday in Pasco County, growing to 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep and swallowing a Hyundai. The second opened Tuesday in a roadway and swelled to 10 feet wide. No other cars or property were damaged and no injuries have been reported. Six families have been evacuated from the area.

Officials told NBC affiliate WFLA that it appeared a third sinkhole could open up at the mobile home park. "There's no way I would have come down to Florida if I thought my house was gonna go," Penny Sharpe, who lives in a house right next to the spot where geologists say a third hole could open up. "No. I came down for some R-and-R and good times."

— Daniel Arkin