Four Kentucky National Guard Soldiers Arrested for Sexual Assault

Kentucky State Police arrested four Kentucky National Guard soldiers accused of sexual assault in Calloway County, officials said Wednesday.

Image: Kentucky State Police have arrested four Kentucky National Guard soldiers following the investigation of a sexual assault in Calloway County
Clockwise from upper left, Anthony Tubolino, Austin Dennis, Tyler Hart, and Jacob Ruth. Kentucky State Police

Kentucky State Police (KSP) received a call around 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 3, informing them that a sexual assault victim was taken to Murray-Calloway County hospital, Senior Trooper Jody Cash told NBC News. A detective arrived and began an investigation after speaking with the victim, she added. KSP learned that alcohol had been provided to the victim before the attack allegedly occurred.

With the help of the Kentucky National Guard, the KSP found the four suspects who were still in the area for weekend deployment. The men were arrested and taken to the Calloway County Jail.

Anthony R. Tubolino, 25, was charged with second degree rape, second degree sodomy and third degree unlawful transaction with a minor, according to a statement posted by KSP on Facebook. The post added that Tyler A. Hart, 19, was charged with first degree sexual abuse and second degree sodomy while Austin L. Dennis, 21, and Jacob F. Ruth, 22, were both charged with second degree sodomy.

“The suspects will have a preliminary hearing in a district court and then the case will be heard by a grand jury. It will then be seen by a circuit court,” Cash said.

The ongoing investigation is headed by Detective Cory Hamby. The KSP is asking for anyone with additional information about the incident to contact the department.

The identity and age of the victim are being withheld to maintain privacy.