Fresno Shooter Shouts ‘Let Black People Go!’ While Entering Courtroom

The California man accused of the racially-motivated fatal shooting of three men in Fresno entered a courtroom on Friday shouting "let black people go," and predicting that natural disasters will strike Americans.

Kori Ali Muhammad,39, appeared in front of a judge for the first time since what authorities described as a race-based shooting spree on Tuesday.

Muhammed yelled twice during the minute-long hearing to "let black people go in reparations," according to the Associated Press.

IMAGE: Kori Ali Muhammad
Kori Ali Muhammad in an arrest mug Tuesday. Fresno Police Department

A judge ordered Muhammed to undergo a mental evaluation and set bail at $2.6 million.

According to police, Muhammed surrendered after having fired 17 shots in less than a minute at four locations in an area near Fresno's office of Catholic Charities.

He was charged with killing unarmed security guard Carl Williams at a Motel 6 a week earlier.

Williams was the first of four killings by Muhammad, according to law enforcement.

After Muhammed learned he was a suspect in Williams' death, he decided to try to kill as many white people as possible before he was caught, police said, characterizing his statements.

"Kori Muhammad is not a terrorist," saidFresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer. "But he is a racist, and he is filled with hate," he said, adding that Muhammed's purpose was to "to kill as many white males as possible."

Muhammed faces life in prison if convicted of Williams' murder and a possible death penalty in the case of the other murders.

Muhammed is scheduled for an arraignment hearing on May 12.