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'Friendly' Lone Star suspect harbored stabbing fantasies

Faculty members at his college said he got good grades. His co-workers at the local library had kind words to say about him. Neighbors remembered him as a friendly kid growing up.

When Dylan Quick, the suspect in Tuesday’s stabbing spree at Lone Star College in Texas, was arrested, it came as a shock to seemingly everybody who knew him – or thought that they knew him.

“He has shared with us that he has had fantasies about stabbing people since the age of 8,” Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia told reporters at a news conference on Wednesday about Quick. “He has been planning this event for some time.”

The stabbings at Lone Star, located in the Houston suburb of Cyprus, occurred Tuesday morning just after 11 a.m. Garcia said investigators believe the victims were randomly selected, and said a “razor utility knife” made by X-acto was used in the attacks.

It’s unclear what caused Quick to allegedly plan and execute the attack that led to 14 of his classmates being wounded.

"There are no signs that he was a problem student," Dr. Audre Levy, president of Lone Star College's CyFair campus, said at Wednesday's news conference. "I do know that he worked in the library, and the library staff had very fond things to say about him."

His next-door neighbor in Houston, Michael Lincoln, told The Houston Chronicle that Quick always struck him as a “very friendly kid.” But he said that he is “real quiet and keeps to himself.”

He told the paper that just last week, Quick helped him pull down a branch that had fallen on his roof. Other neighbors also described him as polite and helpful.

According to The Chronicle, Quick was born hearing-impaired, and went to a mainstream school in Houston until 2004, and then was home-schooled.

Garcia said on Wednesday that authorities hadn’t found any evidence that Quick had been bullied. He had worked in the town’s public library for a year and was just featured in his school’s “student spotlight” blog on April 1, which said Quick was also in a book club. The blog has since been taken down, but screenshots captured by, NBC’s affiliate in Houston, show that Quick had big plans for his future, according to the profile: to transfer to the University of Houston after getting his associate’s degree from Lone Star, and eventually pursuing a career in accounting.

Authorities apprehended Quick – a 20-year-old with curly, red-hair – shortly after the stabbings were reported from inside the health science building at the school’s CyFair campus.

The entire incident only lasted "a couple of minutes. That's how fast it happened," Garcia said.

Inside Quick’s backpack, investigators found another precision knife that wasn’t used in the attack, he said.

Investigators described Quick as matter-of-fact during their questioning.

"He has been very forthcoming," Garcia said.

Quick has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault. He was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation on Wednesday. A spokesperson for the Harris County district attorney told NBC News his family had hired an attorney for him. Investigators executed a search warrant on Quick's house, confiscating his computer and other items to try to get an idea of what may have prompted him to allegedly plan the attack.

All of the victims in the attack are expected to recover.

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