Friendly Robber Recognizes Clerk, Gives Thumbs-Up and Walks Out

Colorado deputies are looking for the friendliest robber they've ever encountered — a man who walked into a convenience store, recognized the clerk, walked right back out with a jaunty thumbs-up and apparently hit a different store, instead.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said Thursday that the man, wearing a blue hoodie, a blue bandana and distinctive red and yellow sneakers, walked into a Quick Save store in Wheat Ridge, about 10 miles northwest of Denver, on Monday. In an encounter captured on security video, the man looked at the clerk and exclaimed, "[Expletive], I was going to rob this place, but I know you."

The man then asked the clerk, "Do you know me?" When the clerk said no, the man said, "Good," and walked out of the store — while giving the clerk the thumbs-up.

A short time later, a man matching the same description robbed a 7-Eleven a few blocks away, according to the sheriff's office, which said it was filing the case under "You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up."



— M. Alex Johnson