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Crew member helps passenger deliver baby on flight from Colorado to Florida

The actions of Frontier Airlines flight attendant Diana Giraldo were called "heroic." The newborn's middle name is Sky, the airline said.

A flight attendant's actions were called "heroic" this week after she helped a passenger deliver a baby midflight en route to a Florida airport, according to Frontier Airlines.

Flight attendant Diana Giraldo was praised for her poise for assisting the woman during the “unexpected labor” on a flight from Denver International Airport to Orlando International Airport, Frontier said in a statement on its Facebook page Tuesday.

Capt. Chris Nye called Giraldo’s unanticipated task “exemplary” and “calm.” Giraldo helped the passenger to a back lavatory and assisted in the delivery.

Nye said that during the delivery, he transferred control of the plane to his first officer as he coordinated a diversion.

“The baby couldn’t wait,” the statement said, which led to an unexpected landing at Pensacola International Airport, where paramedics were waiting, Frontier said.

Nye added: “This was a job well done, and I was happy to see everyone working together to successfully deliver a newborn on an aircraft! ... Way to go, Team Frontier!”

It wasn’t the first time this year the miracle of birth occurred thousands of feet in the air.

In late January, a woman gave birth to a boy over the Atlantic on a United Airlines flight from Ghana to the U.S.

The airline said in a statement its crew “acted quickly” to ensure the delivery was carried out safely.

“We were especially thrilled to see the plane land with one extra, especially beautiful, customer onboard,” the airline said.

The mother on the Frontier flight, according to the airline, gave the newborn an appropriate middle name Sky.