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Girl Scout cookie scam by man and young girl takes money from Long Island residents, doesn’t deliver snacks, police say

Police received reports from multiple Long Island communities in New York about undelivered cookies the duo sold them.

A scam involving seemingly fake Girl Scout cookie sales prompted a police investigation after nearly a dozen people told New York authorities they never received their treats.

Suffolk County police got similar reports from 11 people across multiple Long Island communities about undelivered cookies that were sold by a young girl and an older man, whom some presumed to be her father, NBC New York reported Tuesday.

Police did not have additional information about the investigation Wednesday.

A number of people reported giving money to a young girl, whose age is unknown, for Girl Scout cookies. Some people said they watched the girl hand the money over to an older man who accompanied her.

Most of the people who spoke up expressed concern over the girl's well-being and were not as upset at the lost money.

Jose Castillo, who owns a restaurant in Patchogue, said he and his wife bought $40 worth of cookies after the little girl ran into their restaurant.

“Little young girl, about 11, excited selling Girl Scout cookies, and my wife was right in front and said, ‘Wow, why not help the little one?’” Castillo said. “I have a kid, and to think someone can use a kid like that, it’s heartbreaking. I don’t think it’s fair.”

The local Girl Scout chapter in Suffolk County told NBC New York it was assisting police and offered cookies to anyone who may have been a victim.