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For Halloween, 'SNL' conjures its spookiest topic: the election

"It’s a spooky time filled with demons and darkness," said Jim Carrey's Joe Biden. "Also, it’s Halloween."
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"Saturday Night Live" celebrated Halloween by recounting horrors that could be visited upon Tuesday's presidential election.

The show opened with "A holiday message from former Vice President Joe Biden," who was played by Jim Carrey.

"It’s a spooky time filled with demons and darkness," he said. "Also. it’s Halloween."

The day at least could encourage some Americans to abide by measures designed to slow the spread of Covid-19, Biden suggested.

"For some Trump voters, it’s the only day they'll wear a mask," he said.

Biden tried to reassure Americans that he will emerge victorious over President Donald Trump when votes are tallied.

"Don’t worry," he said. "They say I’m eight points ahead. Poll numbers like that can only go wrong once in a blue moon."

The former vice president read from a book of Edgar Allan Poe tales.

"Once upon a midnight dreary," he said, "While Trump retweeted Qanon theories. ... A knock upon my chamber door. Was someone still a little sore?"

Hillary Clinton, portrayed by Kate McKinnon, emerged: "Quoth the Clinton," she said. "We lost before."

Biden responded, "The votes will all be accounted for."

Clinton: "Just like Al Gore."

Biden's running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (Maya Rudolph) sought to reassure people that "our nation will endure."

Biden seemed inspired.

"This daylight saving time, let’s gain an hour and lose a president," he said.

Comedian John Mulaney hosts "Saturday Night Live" on Oct. 31, 2020.NBC

News segment "Weekend Update" criticized Trump for holding a rally Wednesday night in Nebraska, where hundreds of supporters lacking immediate transportation were stranded in freezing temperatures afterward.

"Multiple Trump supporters who were stranded at a freezing cold rally in Nebraska were hospitalized with hypothermia," co-host Colin Jost said. "I assume because Trump told them that jackets don’t work."

Jost highlighted a Stanford University study this week that concluded Trump's summer rallies, which often featured unmasked supporters who didn't observe social distancing, could have contributed to more than 700 deaths.

"Trump was right," he said. "He is not a typical politician. Since politicians typically don’t spend the last week of the election murdering their own voters."

Jost said he can't put up with another Trump term.

"Remember that friend you had who at 4 a.m. would be like, 'Yeah where we going next?'" he said. "This is fun, but If I keep hanging out with this dude, I’m going to die."