Harry Smith: 9/11 Is Still With Us Today

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We watched and listened today as the names were read. It takes a long time, because the list is so long. We stop every September 11. And we remember, and then we move on.

But there are others whose names should be read today. Those who volunteered to serve and fell in defense of our freedom. Those who took up arms because they vowed there would never be another 9/11.

Last night we listened to President Obama. ISIS is a terror organization clear and simple.

Yes ISIS, or ISIL, is a clear and present danger.

Our objective is to degrade and destroy.

And a nation weary of war and wary of the list of names growing even longer knows deep down that the forces we have fought against for more than a decade don’t go away. It is as if they shape-shift when we sleep, and that another day brings another threat from a heretofore unknown enemy.

Thirteen years have passed since that awful day, and while we could barely comprehend it then, we should understand now that 9/11 is very much with us — and will be for a long time.