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Holy cow! Video shows longhorn on the loose charging into downtown Colorado Springs bank

"This is a nice cow. She's not wild or crazy, but in town, she panics," the longhorn's owner said.

A longhorn on the loose in Colorado Springs, Colorado, sent people scrambling to get away after the cow escaped a nearby cattle drive and charged into a bank.

Video taken by a bystander shows the cow running down the sidewalk and into a bank at Plaza of the Rockies on Friday, according to NBC affiliate KOAA News in Pueblo, Colorado.

As the cow, named Theme De Loof, made a mad dash into Great Western Bank, it knocked over a stroller, which appeared to be empty, and sent people scurrying out of the way.

Russell Freeman, the owner of Freeman Ranch, told KOAA the 16-year-old cow belongs to him. Freeman said he thinks she panicked.

"This is a nice cow. She's not wild or crazy, but in town, she panics," he explained. "And just like the people screaming, when they saw a cow, she was out of element. That's the same thing she was doing. She was just screaming and nervous."

The cow was part of the longhorn cattle drive in downtown, which kicks off the two-day Ride for the Brand Ranch Rodeo.

Two cowboys on horses were able to wrangle the runaway cow. There were no reports of injuries.

"To have that much activity involved in the public and not break any glass and not get anybody hurt... God watched out for us," Freenan told KOAA.