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Housekeeper claims Chris Brown's dog mauled her, alleges he euthanized it to destroy evidence

The pet named Hades was "literally tearing out and ripping off large chunks of her skin from her face and her arms," according to the housekeeper's lawsuit.
Chris Brown attends the RHUDE SS22 Runway Show on June 23, 2021 in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Chris Brown attends the RHUDE SS22 Runway Show on June 23 in Beverly Hills, Calif.Frazer Harrison / Getty Images file

Chris Brown's dog allegedly attacked a housekeeper and no one came to her side despite the worker "screaming in terror and calling out for help," according to a Los Angeles lawsuit.

The Jane Doe plaintiff also accused Brown of taking the dog 600 miles away from the alleged attack to have it euthanized in an effort to "destroy evidence and flee the scene" this past December, the L.A. County Superior Court civil complaint said Tuesday.

A representative for Brown declined comment on Wednesday. The lawsuit did not specify how much in damages the housekeeper is seeking.

The housekeeper said she was putting garbage in a trash can when "a very large brown dog comes out of nowhere and viciously and brutally mauls, bites and attacks" her on Dec. 12 at Brown's home on Citrus Ridge Drive in the L.A. neighborhood of Tarzana, attorney Nancy Doumanian wrote on behalf of her unidentified client.

"The dog begins savagely biting her face, her arms and other parts of her person and body, literally tearing out and ripping off large chunks of her skin from her face and her arms," Doumanian wrote.

The dog, named Hades, "is allowed to roam loose and free around the premises" and the "petite female" plaintiff was not aware of that, according to Doumanian.

Brown, who posted an Instagram picture of Hades on Feb. 17 last year, and others on his team were allegedly at home when the attack happened, the lawsuit claimed.

"She is screaming in terror and calling out for help, yet no one came to her assistance," according to Doumanian.

"At the time, the occupants of the home included the defendant Brown, his security guards or security team members. As she lay there bleeding profusely, barely able to see as blood was covering her eyes, face and body, she observes defendant Brown approach her, standing over her, as he is speaking on his cell phone," the complaint said.

Moments after the attack, Brown ordered his security team to take Hades away "to a nebulous location in Humboldt County" in Northern California and directed them to "dispose of the dog" to avoid any culpability, the lawsuit claimed.

Hades was euthanized by Humboldt County authorities on Dec. 23, according to the housekeeper's lawsuit.

Humboldt County records show they received a call about a stray dog on Dec. 18 in Miranda, California, about 600 miles north of Brown's L.A. home.

The dog was microchipped to a home on Citrus Ridge Drive in Tarzana, though the house number was redacted.

That dog, identified as Hades by Humboldt County sheriff's records, was euthanized on Dec. 24, because it was aggressive and unsuitable for adoption after its owner surrendered it, records showed.

The euthanized dog was involved in a Dec. 12 attack "with serious injuries" in Los Angeles, according to Humboldt County records.

The attack was considered "a high profile case" because the dog's unidentified owner "is a celebrity and the injuries were extensive, 80 stitches in the face and arms," according to a pre-euthanasia report filed by a Humboldt County animal control officer.