How Does Obama’s Income Stack Up?

Image: President Obama
President Barack Obama leaves the stage after speaking about his administration's $107 million initiative, called the Youth CareerConnect Competition, to better prepare students for careers at Bladensburg High School in Bladensburg, Md. JIM LO SCALZO / EPA

How much do we value the leader of the free world?

President Barack Obama's 2013 taxes were made public Friday. The president and his family reported $481,098 in income (on which they paid $98,169 income tax, about 19 percent).

By comparison, the Detroit Tigers agreed last month to pay superstar slugger Miguel Cabrera an average of $31 million a year for the next eight years. Assuming Cabrera plays every inning of all 162 games this seaon, he'll pocket what the president made every 22 innings — less than 2½ games.

Here's how the Obamas compare to other arguably less important and definitely less powerful public figures:

IMAGE: Chart of public figures' income