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Huge Waves, Deadly Rip Currents Lash East and West Coasts

Neither Hurricane Cristobal or Tropical Storm Marie are expected to make landfall, but both have caused strong rip currents and massive surf.

Two storms may be on opposite coasts on Thursday, but Hurricane Cristobal and Tropical Storm Marie were delivering similar conditions to both sides of the country. Neither storm is expected to make landfall, but both were bringing strong rip currents and massive surf, which have already proved to be deadly on the East Coast. Spectators and thrill-seekers flocked to Southern California beaches to view, or ride, the waves — some of which reached 20 feet — due to Marie, according to NBC Southern California.

Marie was 800 miles off the west coast, according to, but the National Weather Service warned, "swimmers and inexperienced surfers are advised to stay out of the water." The Weather Service also cautioned that "sneaker waves" could consume parts of the shore without notice, sweeping people and debris into the ocean.

Cristobal was similarly hundreds of miles away from the east coast of Bermuda but would bring high swells to shorelines from North Carolina to New England, according to the National Hurricane Center. Cristobal will likely weaken to a tropical cyclone by Friday, but beach-goers on the East Coast should be conscious of dangerous rip currents through the holiday weekend.

Two teens, one in New Jersey and one in Maryland, were already killed when they were drowned by forceful waves on Wednesday, reported. Cristobal also claimed the lives of one person in Turks and Caicos, two men in the Dominican Republic and two people in Haiti, when the storm brought heavy floods to the regions last week, according to



— Elisha Fieldstadt