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Idaho Girl Rosie Moran Spots House Fire, Helps Save Family

A 4-year-old was enjoying a ride on her bike when she noticed a home on fire and alerted her dad.

A 4-year-old Idaho girl is being hailed as a hero after helping save a family from their burning home.

Rosie Moran was on her bike when she spotted a home on fire in her Boise neighborhood.

"We were just doing our usual stroll around the block and was with both girls (Rosie and her sister)," Rosie's dad Sean told NBC station KTVB. "She was cruising along a little bit further ahead and she came speeding back to me."

Rosie told her dad one of their neighbor's homes was on fire and that's when dad, Sean, noticed the black smoke.

"I jogged up and followed Rosie and she took me to this house," Sean said. "And sure enough, I looked around the corner and the side of the house was all on fire."

Four-year-old Rosie Moran spotted a home in her Boise neighborhood on fire and got help, possibly saving the lives of those inside.Theresa Palmgren / KTVB

That's when Sean yelled into the house.

Homeowners Ernie Ortiz, his wife, and their daughter had no idea their home was burning.

Both dads then jumped into action, according to KTVB. Sean grabbed a garden hose and sprayed down the flames while Ernie went to grab his wife and daughter, who were taking a bath in a room right next to the fire.

Ashley Rosenbaum, one of the first firefighters to arrive on the scene, was impressed with Rosie.

"It's pretty amazing to see a 4-year-old do the right thing," Rosenbaum said. "Luckily, she was there to see that in time."

Rosenbaum deemed Rosie an honorary firefighter with her very own junior badge.

"Five minutes later it would have been a totally different story," Sean told KTVB. "It could have easily gotten pretty big."

Ernie said a home improvement project could have been to blame for the start of the fire. It appeared, oily rags from staining a deck were in a garbage can on the side of the house when they ignited.

He said he was thankful for Rosie's heroic act and impeccable timing.

"She is a real hero," Ernie told KTVB.