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Inches from burglars, teen hides in closet and calls 911

Doian Oladipupo grabbed a phone and ran into her parent’s walk-in closet when she heard burglars enter her Chula Vista home near San Diego.

The intruders came so close to discovering the 15-year-old that their voices could be heard during the 911 call.

“Robin, Robin, bring it over here. Bring the bucket over here,” one burglar said.

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“I can hear them. Don’t talk,” the dispatcher told Oladipupo.

Unable to speak, Oladipupo tapped on the phone to answer the dispatcher’s yes or no questions.

“I was just so thankful,” she said of emerging from the ordeal unscathed.

The teen was home alone Tuesday afternoon when she said someone knocked on the door then opened a window. She ran upstairs and called 911, but soon after, one of the intruders entered the closet she was hiding inside.

Oladipupo kept calm, steadied her breath and went undetected by the intruders ransacking her home.

An 18-year-old and two 17-year-olds were arrested in connection with the break-in after Oladipupo identified her family’s belongings in the trio’s car, which was also stolen, police said.

Police believe the burglars are connected to other heists in the area.