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Investigators Search for Motive Behind Houston Shooting Rampage

A shooting rampage in Houston on Sunday left two people dead and at least six others wounded.

Investigators on Monday were trying to piece together what set off a deadly shooting rampage in Houston which left two people dead and at least six others wounded.

At least one gunman armed with a high-power-rifle opened fire "randomly" in Houston on Sunday morning, according to police.

Houston Police said one suspect and one bystander were killed and that six other people — four civilians and two constables — were injured.

No motive for the shooting has yet been determined, according to police.

"We don't know if he was out to target law enforcement ... [or] if he was going to shoot people randomly," Ray Hunt, Houston Police Union president, told NBC News. "An attack on both is probably fair to say."

The force said that a second possible suspect — one of the wounded — was being interviewed by detectives. It was not yet clear what if any role he played in the rampage.

The shooting wreaked havoc on the upscale Houston neighborhood, with a bullet sparking a fire at a gas station and crossfire also hitting a police chopper and patrol car.

A bullet fired during the shootout Sunday in Houston sparked a fire at a gas station.Katherine Fuller

One police car was struck by bullets at least 21 times, according to police.

Locals barricaded themselves in their homes.

Shayan Sadri told NBC News he was inside a home with his family when they heard shots outside.

“We started hearing some popping noises and we thought it was some construction workers working but it’s a Sunday,” 29-year-old Sadri said. “Bullets were flying everywhere we were lucky nothing hit us.”

Sadri — who lives in New York but was visiting family in Houston — said he and his relatives were questioned by police afterwards for hours.

"You hear about these things happening... but when it happens in front of your house in your backyard you get weirded out,” he said.