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Iowa State Fair Vendor's Harsh Lesson for Unruly Kids Goes Viral

'I’m selling crappy toys at the fair! Is that what you wanna do with your life?" the vendor told the kids.
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A grateful mom thanked an Iowa State Fair vendor on Facebook after a photo of him sitting her unruly sons down for a tough talk went viral.

Jennifer Dockter-Lago, of Waukee, Iowa, said her two young boys were acting up after passing a toy stand on Saturday and she refused to buy them anything. She gave them a time out for their boisterous behavior.

But while the pair sat on the curb, the toy seller crouched down and imparted a meaningful lesson on them. It was a moment caught in a photo:

Dockter-Lago shared on Facebook that the man's message resonated with her kids: "Hey, you guys need to listen to what your mom is saying! You didn’t come to the fair for some crappy toys, you came for the activities, fun and family time,” she wrote, quoting the vendor.

"Trust me, when I was your age I didn’t listen to my parents and now look at me, I’m selling crappy toys at the fair!" the man continued. "Is that what you wanna do with your life?"

The vendor, Deane Suni, later told NBC affiliate WHO that he is a recovering drug addict, and simply wanted to let the boys know that they were being disrespectful to their mom.

"I messed up my life a little bit. I lost (touch with) my family," Suni said. "And this was a way of me living a good life."