Jared Fogle Out of the Picture After School Yanks Alumni Photo

Jared Fogle to Serve at Least 5 Years for Child Porn 2:32

Subway has turned its back on former pitchman Jared Fogle, who is headed to jail for sex with an underage girl — and now his high school has, too.

North Central High School in Indianapolis used to have the sandwich pitchman's photo on its alumni Hall of Fame. But on Thursday, there was a big hole in the display.

A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township confirmed that Fogle's photo was removed after the announcement that he plans to plead guilty to federal charges and had agreed to serve at least five years behind bars.

"It was just taken down," the spokeswoman said when asked if there had been a demand to remove Fogle's image.

Fogle graduated from the school in 1995, three years before he began his famed Subway-only diet, which resulted in a 245-pound weight loss and a career as a spokesman for the fast-food chain.

The head of Fogle's charitable foundation was arrested on child pornography charges in April, and the feds raided Fogle's home in July.

Court documents filed Wednesday say that he also had sexual images of minors and traveled to New York to pay for sex with a girl when she was 16 and 17.

Witnesses from Florida, Georgia and Washington state told investigators Fogle also allegedly contacted them to have sex with minors as young as 14 and 15.