Jennifer Huston, Mom of Two, Disappears From Oregon Gas Station

Family and friends continued to spread the word Sunday about a 38-year-old Oregon mother who disappeared from a gas station on Thursday, according to police. Jennifer Huston was last seen at a gas station in Newberg, a town 25 miles south of Portland. The mother of two wasn't acting strangely before she went missing, and she would never willingly leave her family, her father told NBC affiliate KGW. Her phone and credit cards haven't been used, and any attempts to locate her phone via GPS have been in vain, according to Newberg-Dundee Police.

"We miss her very much," husband Kallen Huston told KGW. "My two boys really, really need her." The family has been working to rally support on Facebook, urging people to print fliers and scour the streets for the mom who was last seen wearing yoga pants and pink and black Nikes. Huston said he's holding out hope that his wife will be found, but also preparing for the worst. "The support we're getting, which is overwhelming, has been huge to keep me positive," he said.


— Elisha Fieldstadt