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Justice Kennedy denies motion to halt gay marriage in California

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy on Sunday denied a request from Proposition 8 supporters to halt the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses in California.

Dozens of same-sex weddings have taken place in the state since Friday, following the Supreme Court’s decision on Wednesday to overturn Proposition 8 —  which had banned gay marriage.

More same-sex marriages are expected take place on Sunday in accordance with the Pride parade and a VIP reception for newly-married couples in San Francisco.

Prop. 8 supporters said the Friday start-date of same-sex unions came three weeks too soon since they still have 25 days to request another hearing, according to a news release from the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-gay marriage group.

 As a formality, the high court said it would not make the judgment on Prop. 8 final until that time passed.

Even so, Kennedy turned down the appeal, without additional comments.

“The more than 7 million Californians that voted to enact Proposition 8 deserve nothing short of the full respect and due process our judicial system provides,” said ADF senior counsel Austin R. Nimocks in a statement.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.