Las Vegas Mom on Life Support After Road Rage Shooting

A mother was shot in the head and was not expected to survive after an apparent road-rage attack, her husband and police in Las Vegas said Friday.

Tammy Meyers, 44, had been teaching her 14-year-old daughter to drive when she was followed home by an angry driver, Robert Meyers told NBC station KSNV.

He told reporters that he was preparing to switch off life support for his wife, who was left brain dead by her wounds, but doctors urged the family on Friday night to wait 48 hours to see if she improves.

The suspect remains at large after Thursday night’s attack.

Meyers was at the wheel when she was involved in a near-collision which led to a verbal confrontation between with the other male driver, police said in a statement.

She drove her daughter home to summon help from her 23-year-old son – but was followed home.

“The preliminary investigation indicates that some time later, the suspect vehicle appeared on the street, multiple shots were fired, and the victim was struck by one round,” the statement said.

“My word to them is I hope the cops find them first and it’s not me,” Robert Meyers told KSNV. "I have four kids. I just want to let you suspects know you took a mom away."

He added that his wife was “probably the best person you meet in your life …she loved her kids. She lived for her kids and me."

He told The Associated Press: "After I turn off the machines to my wife ... we've got to do something to take our city back. Every time you turn around, someone is getting shot."


— Alastair Jamieson