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Lava Front Remains Stalled on Hawaii, But Breakouts Continue

The Kilauea lava flow did not advance on the town of Pahoa, but breakouts burst from the sides of the river or molten rock Saturday.

A stream of lava threatening a Hawaiian town again showed little movement Saturday and is stalled less than 500 feet from a main road in Pahoa — but breakouts continued to ooze from the side of the flow, officials said.

None of the streams of lava that erupted from the side of the Kilauea lava flow pose any immediate risk to homes or other structures, and all were moving very slowly, Hawaii County Civil Defense Administrator Darryl Oliveira told reporters Saturday morning. "At this point, there's very little activity taking place that's posing any increased threat to the community," Oliveira said. “Nothing that has moved any closer to Pahoa Village Road.”

Officials kept in place an evacuation advisory, and may notify residents of the town of 1,000 to clear out if the situation changes. The lava flow stalled about 100 feet from a home, but a breakout behind it — about 100 yards from the property — continued to move, Oliveira said.



— Phil Helsel