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Dec. 17 Coronavirus updates: Total reported U.S. cases top 17 million

Congressional leaders and the White House near agreement on a roughly $900 billion coronavirus relief deal.
Image: A medical worker reads a poem to Daniel Kim, 48, as he leaves St. Jude Medical Center after five months after surviving the coronavirus disease in Fullerton
A medical worker reads a poem to Daniel Kim, 48, as he leaves St. Jude Medical Center after five months hospitalized with Covid-19 in Fullerton, California on Wednesday.Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

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Congressional leaders and the White House are nearing agreement on a roughly $900 billion coronavirus relief deal that will likely include a new round of direct payments.

It comes as the U.S. experienced the deadliest day of the pandemic yet, with nearly 3,300 deaths. The country also set a record for the highest number of recorded cases in one day with 232,086 Covid-19 cases recorded.

Early Thursday, the total number of cases reported in the U.S. topped 17 million, according to NBC News' count. More than 308,000 people have died.

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Washington state Covid-19 vaccine allocation will be cut by 40 percent next week, governor says

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Front-line workers in Phoenix receive Covid-19 vaccine at drive-thru location

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Empty stores in New Jersey to be used as vaccination centers

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Amazon asks CDC to prioritize vaccines for many of its workers

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Lord Speaker of U.K. House of Lords gets vaccinated

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Giants offensive coordinator sidelined by positive Covid-19 test

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Covid job losses devastate domestic workers, who are largely unseen

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Poland to enter national quarantine on Dec. 28

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Pfizer vaccine vials hold some extra doses — experts say that's normal

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U.S. sets records in Covid cases, deaths; infection count surpasses 17 million

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Jobless claims rise to 885,000

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Wales fails to report 11,000 coronavirus infections after computer error

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WHO investigators to go to China, unclear if Wuhan visit allowed

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Italy to begin Covid vaccinations on Dec. 27, health officials say

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Anti-vaccination groups target local media after social media crackdowns

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The United States tops 17 million Covid cases after setting two records

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Will children be able to get Covid vaccines?

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France's Macron tests positive for coronavirus

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As coronavirus cases surge in Seoul, office workers wait in line for tests