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May 30 coverage of nationwide unrest and ongoing protests

Here are the latest updates from across the country.
Police advance on demonstrators Saturday in Minneapolis.
Police advance on demonstrators Saturday in Minneapolis.Scott Olson / Getty Images

This live coverage has now ended. Continue reading May 31 coverage of George Floyd's death and the nationwide protests.

Clashes between police and protesters continued to erupt across the country Saturday as thousands descended on the streets, pleading for justice in the wake of George Floyd's death this week in Minneapolis.

  • Curfews have been put in place in many cities including Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Rochester and Miami Dade County.
  • In Philadelphia, police cars and a Starbucks were set on fire, as protesters tried to topple a statue of former Mayor Frank Rizzo.
  • Colorado, California, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin have all activated their state national guards to maintain order, assist police, and stop violence, governors and state officials say.

President Donald Trump also announced Saturday that the military was "ready, willing and able" to deploy in case unrest continued.

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Crowds hit with tear gas in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Demonstrations appeared to get rowdier in downtown Las Vegas Saturday as the night unfolded.

Shortly before 10:30 p.m., many demonstrators set off fireworks near the federal courthouse on Las Vegas Boulevard. About a block down the same street, a group of looters appeared to break into a pawn shop.

Demonstrators in other locations reported that police cars windows were being smashed. Police officers in riot gear rushed down the streets, setting off flash bangs. Officers released tear gas into the air.

"I’m a peaceful protester and I don’t know why I’m getting hit with tear gas,” said Ace Michaud, 35.

He was marching with other demonstrators near the Fremont Street Experience when he heard a smashing sound and saw gas.

“It was everywhere," he said.

Man points hunting bow at Salt Lake City protesters

A man armed with a hunting bow pointed the weapon at protesters in Salt Lake City on Saturday and police said he'll be facing charges.

"So we have identified the subject in the video and will be screening charges on him for his part in the unrest," according to a police statement. "We are aware of the incident because of the video that was shared with us and that will be part of the evidence."

Video posted to Twitter appeared to show protesters rushing the man and disarming him before he could fire it. 

Video shows man disarming person with stolen Seattle police rifle

Dramatic video showed an armed man disarming an apparent protester who had a stolen Seattle police rifle taken after police vehicles were burned Saturday.

Two rifles were stolen from Seattle police patrol cars that were burned amid the chaos, and both were recovered by a security guard working with a Q13 Fox News reporter, police said in a tweet.

The video from KOMO shows a man with what appeared to be a handgun taking the rifle from a bandanna-masked man, and then releasing the magazine. A Seattle police spokeswoman confirmed that rifle was one of the two stolen from the SPD vehicles, but did not confirm who disarmed the man.

The reporter, Brandi Kruse, tweeted that "our security guard felt that the public was in danger" and took the rifle from what she described as a rioter and disabled it.

Seattle police tweeted their thanks to the man for "safely recovering both rifles and potentially saving lives." One rifle had been fired but police said there were no reports of injury and they were unsure who fired it. Kruse tweeted that a person took the rifle and fired into vehicles, but no one appeared hurt.

Police said no arrests had been made.

California governor declares state of emergency in L.A. County, sends in National Guard

California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles County and deployed the National Guard as tensions between protesters and police flared. 

Up to 1,000 troops were expected to arrive in the LA-area by midnight, NBC Los Angeles reported.

"Whether you wear a badge or whether you hold a sign, I’m asking all of Los Angeles to take a deep breath and step back for a moment," Mayor Garcetti said during a Saturday press conference. "To allow our firefighters to put out the flames. To allow our peace officers to re-establish some order. And, to let them protect your rights to be out there."

Businesses in popular shopping sections of L.A., including near Melrose Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue, were looted throughout the day and into the night.

A citywide curfew was imposed Saturday starting at 8 p.m. but thousands of people ignored the order.

3 shot, 1 dead amid protests in Indianapolis

One person died and two others were struck in a shooting amid demonstrations in Indianapolis, Indiana, Saturday, police said.

The violence was a few blocks from the center of protests in the city, Monument Circle. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Patrolman Michael Hewitt said there was no evidence tying the attack to the protesters.

But Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Deputy Chief Josh Barker said at a press conference that the demonstrations "culminated in three people shot, one person dead," he said.

There were several hundred demonstrators in the city Saturday, police said. Asked about the number of shots-fired reports, Barker said, "We've lost count at this point."

Details about suspects or the surviving victims' injuries were not available.

Federal prosecutors charge 3 In Molotov cocktail attacks during New York protests

Three people were arrested and charged with tossing Molotov cocktails into New York Police Department vehicles early Saturday morning.

Samantha Shader, 27, of Catskill, New York, was charged with allegedly throwing the explosive at a New York police car that was occupied by four officers. 

The device shattered two police car windows and damaged the vehicle, according to federal charging documents. Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigations retrieved witness video of the incident. Shader allegedly waived her Miranda rights and admitted to throwing the Molotov cocktail, according to officials.

Colinford Mattis, 32, and Urooj Rahman, 31, of Brooklyn, were also charged with possessing explosive device components after Rahman allegedly tossed a Molotov cocktail at a police car and then fled with Mattis.

Photo: Pharmacy looted in Raleigh, North Carolina

Protesters set fire to items looted Saturday from a CVS Pharmacy in Raleigh, N.C.Jonathan Drake / Reuters

Las Vegas protest grows larger and louder

LAS VEGAS — As the sky darkened Saturday evening, the demonstration grew larger. Protesters made their way through downtown Las Vegas to Container Park, where their march had begun, and then began a second loop. 

Protesters' signs were lit with a neon glow as they marched past casinos that would normally be full of tourists. The demonstrators chanted louder, held their fists in the air and rang cowbells. Several people lit sage; others handed out water. A few had guns strapped to their waist or upper thigh. 

As one person graffitied a downtown building, protesters cheered. 

Protesters march in Las Vegas on May 30. Anita Hassan / NBC News

Police lined many intersections, standing side by side, wearing face shields and zip ties attached to their duty belts. Some demonstrators yelled profanities as they walked by, while other marchers ushered them along. Police cars went whizzing by, sirens flashing.

A police helicopter flew over the demonstrators near the historic El Cortez Casino. Many in the crowd held their signs up to sky.

They began chanting, “George Floyd.”

Ferguson, Missouri, police station damaged in protests

Police fire paint canisters at protesters in chaotic Washington, D.C. scene

Biden calls protests 'right and necessary'

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the apparent Democratic presidential nominee, released a statement just after midnight Sunday morning, calling the protests “right and necessary” while urging peaceful demonstrations over violence.

“I know that a grief that dark and deep may at times feel too heavy to bear,” he said in the statement. “I know. I also know that the only way to bear it is to turn all that anguish into purpose.”

He urged Americans to use their pain to make change.

“We are a nation in pain, but we must not allow this pain to destroy us,” he said.