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May 30 coverage of nationwide unrest and ongoing protests

Here are the latest updates from across the country.
Police advance on demonstrators Saturday in Minneapolis.
Police advance on demonstrators Saturday in Minneapolis.Scott Olson / Getty Images

This live coverage has now ended. Continue reading May 31 coverage of George Floyd's death and the nationwide protests.

Clashes between police and protesters continued to erupt across the country Saturday as thousands descended on the streets, pleading for justice in the wake of George Floyd's death this week in Minneapolis.

  • Curfews have been put in place in many cities including Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Rochester and Miami Dade County.
  • In Philadelphia, police cars and a Starbucks were set on fire, as protesters tried to topple a statue of former Mayor Frank Rizzo.
  • Colorado, California, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin have all activated their state national guards to maintain order, assist police, and stop violence, governors and state officials say.

President Donald Trump also announced Saturday that the military was "ready, willing and able" to deploy in case unrest continued.

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1027d ago / 3:31 PM UTC

At least 200 NYC protesters arrested

1027d ago / 3:21 PM UTC
1027d ago / 3:18 PM UTC

Federal Protective Service officer killed, another injured in Oakland shooting amid George Floyd protests

1027d ago / 3:15 PM UTC
1027d ago / 3:05 PM UTC

Transport Workers Union urges members not to drive arrested NYC protesters

1027d ago / 2:31 PM UTC
1027d ago / 2:24 PM UTC

Killer Mike makes impassioned plea against systemic racism

1027d ago / 2:20 PM UTC

Martin Luther King III echoes father's words during George Floyd protests

1027d ago / 2:18 PM UTC

Peaceful protests over George Floyd's death turn destructive in downtown Cincinnati

1027d ago / 2:09 PM UTC

Trump praises Secret Service response to White House protests, warns greater force could have been used

1027d ago / 1:19 PM UTC

Obamas speak out over George Floyd death

1027d ago / 12:52 PM UTC

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz calls for peace

1027d ago / 11:57 AM UTC

Portland declares 'State of Emergency'

1027d ago / 11:28 AM UTC

Head of African Union criticizes U.S. for George Floyd death


1027d ago / 11:03 AM UTC

Houston police make 200 arrests, chief thanks 'peaceful' protesters

1027d ago / 10:18 AM UTC

Wife of officer charged with murder of George Floyd says she's divorcing him

1027d ago / 9:43 AM UTC

Google postpones Android 11 unveiling amid U.S. protests

1027d ago / 9:07 AM UTC

Louisville police apologize for shooting pepper-balls at news crew

1027d ago / 8:40 AM UTC

Mayor Ted Wheeler leaves 'dying mother' to return to Portland

1027d ago / 8:25 AM UTC

Watch: Fury unfolds at protests across the country

1027d ago / 8:05 AM UTC

Portland, Oregon, mayor: 'This is a riot. It's a full-on riot'

1027d ago / 7:20 AM UTC

Minnesota gov. hints that white supremacists, drug cartels could be part of widespread chaos

1027d ago / 6:55 AM UTC

Oakland protests highlight city’s troubled relationship with its own police department

1027d ago / 6:50 AM UTC

'No justice, no peace!' protesters rally in Chicago

1027d ago / 6:39 AM UTC

Deputy opens fire at San Jose protest


1027d ago / 6:34 AM UTC

Man shot and killed during Detroit protests

1027d ago / 6:29 AM UTC

Shots fired off Minneapolis police precinct

1027d ago / 6:02 AM UTC

Protesters block traffic near the Colorado Capitol

1027d ago / 5:36 AM UTC

Phoenix sees protests over local and national police killings

1027d ago / 5:20 AM UTC

Oakland police declare protest unlawful after officers injured

1027d ago / 5:12 AM UTC

Protesters torch post office, gas station in Minneapolis