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Louisiana man wanted to avoid DUI so stole motorized shopping cart to bar hop, police say

The man told authorities he was intoxicated and was afraid he would get a DUI if he drove his car to another bar. But now he faces a felony charge.

A Louisiana man is facing a felony charge after driving a stolen electric-powered shopping cart from Walmart to a bar.

Brice Kendall Williams, 32, was arrested Sunday on charges of unauthorized use of a “moveable,” which is a felony, according to the Terrebone Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Williams was intoxicated when he left one bar early Sunday morning in Houma, Louisiana, an hour southwest of New Orleans, and wanted to go to a different bar, police said.

He was afraid he would get arrested for a DUI if he drove his car to the next bar, police said. So he went to a nearby Walmart and took an electric-powered shopping cart.

The local sheriff received word of the incident when someone at the bar called their office and told them that Williams had arrived in a shopping cart, which officers found parked between two cars in the bar’s parking lot.

Williams bond was set at $2,500. It was unclear if he remained in jail as of Tuesday morning.