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Maintenance worker discovers human remains near LaGuardia Airport

Human remains were found scattered within a 20-yard radius in a marshy area near New York City's LaGuardia Airport Monday night.

An airport maintenance worker discovered what looked like a human bone while clearing tall grass, weeds and leaves beyond the airport's fence at the edge of Flushing Bay, a spokesman for the Port Authority said Tuesday.

The Port Authority responded, and discovered more bones in at least 17 different places near the shoreline. 

The bones, which included a partial skull, were turned over to the medical examiner's office. Investigators there determined that they were human remains and not animal bones, authorities said.

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The bones were collected by an anthropologist from the medical examiner's office, where they're being analyzed and reassembled, law enforcement officials said.

At this point, officials estimate the bones may have been in the marsh for up to a year.

Investigators will try to identify the remains using dental records, and detectives are also reviewing missing-person cases. 

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