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Man accused of hiding in woman's attic, secretly filming her after meeting on OnlyFans

Mauricio Damian Guerrero, 20, from Bensalem, was arrested and charged with four counts of burglary, according to the Somersworth Police Department.

A Pennsylvania man is accused of breaking into a New Hampshire woman's home and hiding out in her attic after they met through her OnlyFans account, according to police.

Mauricio Damian Guerrero, 20, from Bensalem, was arrested and charged with four counts of burglary, according to the Somersworth Police Department.

Authorities said Guerrero allegedly broke into the woman's Somersworth home early in the morning on Feb. 9. The woman and her mother called police after the woman said she woke up and saw someone standing in the hallway, an affidavit states.

Officers searching the home went into the attic and heard heavy footsteps on the roof. Guerrero was located on the roof, brought inside, and detained, police said.

The woman, who has a young child, told police that she had noticed odd things happening around the house in the days leading up to Guerrero's arrest. According to the affidavit, she said that a downstairs window had been left slightly open and a door near the kitchen had been left open.

The woman also said her keys had disappeared from a counter and then re-appeared as she was looking for them. The woman told police that she brushed it off as "she was just busy," the affidavit states.

The woman said she met Guerrero through her OnlyFans account and gave him her address because he said he wanted to buy her a television and fireplace.

She said he "seemed nice at first" and told police that she did not want to meet him but he was "very pushy."

The woman described one incident where Guerrero allegedly waited in his car outside her home, according to the affidavit. She told police that he said he would sometimes sleep in his vehicle outside her home.

During another encounter, Guerrero allegedly told the woman to look out her window because he was waiting on the sidewalk, the affidavit says. The woman said she let him inside because she did not know what else to do.

They hung out for about two hours and then she made him leave, according to the affidavit.

Guerrero, who lives about six hours away, allegedly told Somersworth police that he went to the woman's home on Feb. 9 to take back the television he bought her. He said he went into the attic after hearing people in the house talking, the affidavit states.

The woman told police that she believes he had been in the attic for quite some time because she found food and headphones. Police also located a tracking device in the attic, according to the affidavit.

An investigation found that Guerrero allegedly took videos of the woman sleeping naked without her consent and stole items from her home, the document says. He allegedly told police that he planned to put the tracking device on the woman's car.

Guerrero had a bail hearing on Feb. 18. The Strafford County Attorney’s Office asked for him to be held but a judge released him on $2,500 cash bail. He's required to wear a GPS tracker, is not allowed to travel to New Hampshire and is prohibited from contacting the woman. It's not clear if he has obtained an attorney.