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The man accused of killing two Boston doctors in their home claims self-defense

Loved ones of Drs. Lina Bolanos and Richard Field who were in the courtroom shook their heads when they heard the defendant's claim.

The man accused of murdering two Boston doctors in their home in 2017 told police he was having an affair with one of the victims and acted in self-defense in killing the other, according to a police interview played for jurors on Thursday.

The prosecution and defense both rested on Friday, after jurors heard claims that suspect Bampumim Teixeira made to police, NBC Boston reported.

Loved ones of the victims, Dr. Lina Bolanos, 38, and her fiance, Dr. Richard Field, 49, shook their heads as if in disbelief when the taped police interview was first played in open court on Thursday.

Teixeira once worked as a concierge in the South Boston building where Bolanos and Field had a penthouse. He said he was having an affair with Bolanos and was with her when Field unexpectedly came home.

Lina Bolanos and Richard Field.Mass Eye and Ear, North Shore Pain Management

"He said he was going to kill us both," Teixeira whispered to Boston police Sgt. Det. Michael Devane shortly after his arrest.

Teixeira was shot by police when he was arrested at the scene on May 5, 2017.

No evidence has been put forward by authorities to suggest Teixeira had such a relationship with either of the victims. The two doctors were bound when Teixeira allegedly slit their throats, law enforcement sources have said.

Bampumim Teixeira.NBC 10

Dr. Richard Atkinson, the medical examiner, testified that Bolanos and Field had bruising around their wrists, wounds consistent with being bound or handcuffed.

The medical examiner also told jurors that both victims died from being stabbed — though Bolanos had significantly more signs of trauma.

"There were 24 total sharp force injuries on all sides of her neck," Dr. Atkinson said.

In Teixeira's interview with police, he insisted that it was Field who killed Bolanos, according to NBC Boston.

“He killed her. He killed her,” Teixeira told police in his initial interview. “I did nothing wrong.”

The defendant admitted that his story probably wouldn't be well received.

“I’ll tell you everything I know. I know at this point nobody will believe me ... but I’ll stand my ground on every single truth," Teixeira told police. "That’s the way it happened.”

Jurors on Friday were shown video footage of Teixeira allegedly lurking outside the doctors' building on the day of the murder. He got into the building through the garage, following a car that entered, the footage showed.

Closing arguments are set for Monday.